Three Little Letters







So who are we?

Hey lovers, I’m so glad you asked.

We are Lahnee & Pablo: The Modern Couple!

We are humans, husband and wife, besties, partners in crime, parents...


We are also each others fucking rock. We are soul mates in the craziest of ways and meant to be beyond a doubt. We have been together 13 years, know each other in and out and we worked bloody hard to be where we are. Because we know our relationship is worth every single struggle, every up and down, every moment good and bad. 

We are perfect and flawed, and well, fascinated with the beauty of sex and how it has the incredible ability to bring people closer together.

Sex and intimacy is a big part of life and one of the most important aspects of any intimate relationship. In fact, sex is what got us all here in the first place – it literally brings life.


Sex is sacred.

Sex excites us, connects us, unites us with our primal self. Sex opens peoples minds, lets us experience pleasure, explore our limits, it even helps us find ourselves. Sex is a special thing.

And we love talking about it! 

We have been on an incredible journey and we want to take you on a journey of your own.

We are stripping back the covers and staring sex, love, intimacy and relationships deep in the eyes. We are getting down and dirty to challenge society’s views on sexuality and to help you better your life and love while experiencing the best sex ever. This is sex-ed for the modern human and nothing is off limits. 

Thanks for cumming, enjoy!







Three Little Letters with Lahnee P